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Radiation all around us



Our company Protect Golden Wave LLC, founded by the physicist and inventor Valentin Shubin, has been manufacturing devices for individual human protection against electromagnetic radiation since 2000, under the brand name Doctor Life.

External electromagnetic radiation has a negative impact on the human body. Our world has become increasingly filled with digital technologies and electronic devices like computers, cell phone, TVs. People on the street, in transport, at home, are literally wired up. In big cities, technogenic electromagnetic background exceeds the allowable standards by tens and hundreds of times and rising globally at an unacceptably high rate.

The solution to the problem was the development of individual devices for protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation. These devices were created by academician Valentin Shubin - an outstanding inventor, D.Sc. in Engineering (Doctor of Technical Sciences), author of more than 180 patents and scientific research works in the area of human protection from EMF.

All Doctor Life series devices are designed to effectively protect a person against the harmful effects of sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as mobile and radio phones, computers, microwave ovens, household appliances and other sources of EMR and EMF.

The use of Doctor Life devices reduces the harmful effects of EMR on human health, increasing the size and reduction of non-linearities of the biofield, restoring the biofield, protecting against the evil eye and damage, increasing the healing rate of burns and wounds, increasing the potency and activity of sperm, reducing the biological age, improving the immune system. In addition, they are successfully used to clean food products from nitrates, nitrites, heavy metal salts.

Doctor Life products have been successfully tested and approved by the Russian Ministry of Health and the Federal Center Department of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Russia and are protected by patents and expert opinions.

If you value your own and your family health, try Doctor Life protection devices against EMF. They will help to relieve symptoms and make you feel more confident about tomorrow.