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Patented compact and ultra-slim EMF protection device for cell phones or any small appliance (see patent here).

Protects against harmful EMFs generated by your phone, and prevents any adverse impact of cell phone EMF on your or your family’s health. No analogs! A superior alternative to EMF cell phone sticker or radiation protection cell phone case.
  • Effective EMF Protection – Protect yourself against potentially harmful EMFs generated by your indispensable companion, i.e., your phone, and prevent any adverse impact of cell phone EMF on your or your family’s health.
  • Patented Design – Employing advanced technological know-how & research, this EMF blocker, made of a special alloy of Copper, Silver & Gold, effectively Neutralizes & Harmonizes dangerous electromagnetic waves.
  • Easy to Use – Easily slips inside the phone back cover or cell phone case, doesn’t use any adhesive, and is, therefore, easy to remove & use in other devices – no negative impact on aesthetic appeal, nor any damage!
  • Versatile & Smart – Our EMF neutralizer transforms phone radiations into other harmless forms Without Blocking Signal!
  • You will be impressed with the significantly best EMF shielding, No Analogs protective filter design & the fact that it’s a superior alternative to EMF cell phone sticker & radiation protection cell phone case!


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    United States United States
    A gift that really benefits !!!

    I am glad that I bought this protection on my phone, as well as my husband. It does not take up much space, but I know that we have protection against radiation from a cell phone. A useful gift for friends and relatives!

    United States United States

    What can I say? I've been suffering from headaches and tightness around my head every time I brought cell phone to my head. Even if it was off, I still felt the radiation. As soon as I placed the chip into the case, I didn't feel the same headache. It didn't cancel radiation completely, I still feel some of the tension, so I ordered Dr. Life card. It should arrive tomorrow. But it definitely reduced exposure. I also have a tablet that makes me sick, but as soon as I placed it into the protective cover, it didn't have the same effect on me. It works for me.

    Joey B.
    United States United States
    Small and fits

    I'm not really sure what to rate this item, so I went with 3 stars. It is really small, fits in the phone case perfectly, but honestly no idea if it is actually working or not.

    United States United States
    Smart EMR Blocker

    I can’t tell these work, but they look very well made and their appearance is convincing. I got aN EMR gauge, it does not read anything so I assume these work, but the gauge does not show any reading for any cell phone. That is why I say that I can’t tell. Maybe the gauge does not read EMR, only electricity on outlets and appliances. Confused. Hey, but I wasn’t to feel safe. That is why I got these little green things for my phone. Lol

    Emily H.
    United States United States

    It's easy to put on, not sure if it really works. It's small so it fits well. I do have some peace of mind, and hopeful that it truly works.

    Rosey R.
    United States United States
    Slim, doesn't add any weight. Hopefully it does what it says it does.

    Not bulky and it fit under my case easily.

    John S.
    United States United States
    Peace of mind

    This seems durable and work. Now I have my piece of mind when or my kids use my phone they are shielded from dangerous energy that my phone may emit

    United States United States
    Nice and discreet!

    Fits discretely in my phone battery, no stickers or anything, I just put it in front of my battery and closed the case. Definitely gives me a piece of mine. For my other phones that I can not get to the battery, I just put it behind the case and that works too. I know being on my phone non stop is not good for me but I work from my phone so most of the times I can not avoid it. I'm grateful their are protective pieces like this out there. I wanted EMF protection without looking weird around my friends and I found it!

    Susan G.
    United States United States
    I love this product!

    Will recommend it to everyone as I have noticed changes in my iphones EMF patterns. It has been limited to none when using this chip in the back. I noticed I don’t get headaches at all anymore. Easier to focus and really all around an amazing product. It’s very much appreciated for sure. Thank you so much! I will recommend it to everyone I know!