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According to its physical properties, the universal corrector "ENERGY" belongs to the class of application of bioresonance correctors that restore the biofield and immunity of living organisms.
It is designed to protect living organisms from negative energy fields affecting them, as well as to cleanse food from toxins, including nitrates, nitrites, heavy metal salts, etc.
With the constant use of biocorrectors (2-3 weeks), most people experience a significant improvement in the general condition of the body.
Medical studies have shown their high efficiency in restoring the body in case of injuries, burns, spiritual shocks, depression, the presence of fatigue syndrome, etc.
"ENERGY" effectively covers the flux of gamma radiation (radiation) with a force of 300 micro roentgen per hour.

Unlike drug therapy, "ENERGY", in principle, cannot cause side effects and is absolutely harmless to the body. The use of the device is fully compatible with naturopathic procedures: herbal medicine, homeopathy, physiotherapy, diet therapy, etc. So it can be combined with the use of food biological additives in time, while the effectiveness of dietary supplements on the body only increases. The device helps with osteochondrosis and radiculitis, cholecystitis and nephrolithiasis, tumors and toothache, gynecological and urological diseases, hernias of the vertebrae, and other diseases.
The device acts only on the biofield of living organisms!
The main and most important difference between these devices is that they do not affect a specific diseased organ, but restore the biofield, energy, and immunity of the human body, which decides for itself which organ must be directed forces to restore it. This explains the wide range of applications of these devices, which have a positive effect regardless of the type and etiology of the disease.

The device is a narrow-band filter in the form of short-circuited loops of a certain size, made of special alloys, with some technological and design features that are the author's know-how. When unfavorable radiation enters the zone, a powerful induced anti-EMF (electromotive force) appears in the device, aimed at attenuating the "unfavorable" radiation in the frequency range 40-70 GHz, which is the most dangerous for humans. At the same time, within the radius of action of the device, the biofield becomes denser, which brings the internal energy system of a person to a normal state, "pulling" the energy of weakened organs due to illness to the required level.

When using "Energy", the following positive effects are observed:
• The size of the biofield increases, and its nonlinearity decreases.
• Biological age decreases, and aging processes slow down.
• The work of the cardiovascular system and general well-being are improved.
• Blood parameters and characteristics improve (sugar percentage decreases - the main indicator of diabetes).
• Immunity is strengthened.
• The number of colds decreases.
• Pain syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome are reduced.
• Significantly reduced or completely eliminated pain: spinal hernia, sciatica, joint pain, etc.
• Improves brain function and associative memory.
• Slowing down the formation of bile and kidney stones.
• Blood performance and oxygen supply are improved.
• The rate of healing of burns, fractures, and wounds is increased.
• potency and activity of sperm increases.

Recommended for stationary use in residential premises, in the immediate vicinity of sources of active electromagnetic radiation (place it on the side of the nearest cell tower, power line). The intersection of the lines of the "Hartman grid" and other geopathogenic zones, etc. It can be placed under the mattress (if additional protection of the shoulder or lumbar girdle is needed), for placement in the car (in the back of the car).
The device protects against all types of radiation, including gamma radiation.
At the same time, the device does not emit anything, but only redistributes and reduces the EMF flows.

To get structured water, place a jug or jar of water on the device.
Exposure time: not less than 30 minutes.
The know-how of a device is determined not only by the design but also by the manufacturing technology - a special activation of the device.

The radius of action is up to 5 m.
The efficiency is at least 90 percent.
It has no analogues.
The warranty period of the device is up to 5 years from the beginning of the operation.
The service life is not limited.
Do not open the device, do not let moisture get inside.

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    I don't feel good about the amount of emissions that may be flowing ...

    I don't feel good about the amount of emissions that may be flowing from my computer to my body especially since I often find it propped up right on my belly. I love this. I also have a phone case from the same brand that is fantastic.

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    Excellent Product And Seller

    This is a product that is backed by scientific evidence to be effective. The seller is very professional and will provide lots of useful information to prove the effectiveness of this product.