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EMF Radiation Protection Shield. A multipurpose electromagnetic protection device, designed for people protection from the harmful influence of electromagnetic wide-spectrum waves. Neutralize EMF exposure from

  • Electric transport
  • TV and PCs
  • Microwave ovens
  • Household appliances.
  • Restore natural human biofield
  • Protect against the evil eye and negative energy impact of other people.

Size: 55×85 mm

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United States United States

Actually this is not first time I try anti-radiation shield, but it seems to me that this protection card is most effective. The way I see it is that my head is clear and I feel much better than before. Great!

United States United States
I noticed I was sleeping better immediately.

I applied these cards to electronic devices in my bedroom - laptop, tablet, television, and bedroom clocks. I immediately noticed that my sleep was better. I will be ordering more and applying them to several other electronic devices throughout my home--including all my TVs, desktop computer and monitor, microwave oven, and wi-fi router. This will be a very good Christmas or Chanukah gift for my friends who are constantly on their cell phones and computers.

Netherlands Netherlands
So Far So Good

I just got these today and have put them on everything in my office: wifi router, computer tower, monitors, and I instantly noticed a calm come over me. I won't really know how much of a difference they are making until tomorrow when I am in the office for 10 hours, but I am hopeful. I feel they are a bit overpriced, but if they help with how ill I feel after a day in the office, they will be worth much more!

Gary R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Fits my purse

The proper size of this protection card is exactly for my purse so I put it into and just forget about it. But I do hope the card carries out its protective function so I'm calm. Plan to get one more for my wife.

A. Daniels
United States United States
My constant accessory

Since I started using the tablet apart from my smartphone I began to think about something neutralizing the radiation and this protection card and my right choice. I like the way it works.

Christina H.
United States United States
Real godsend!

I would be glad to share my happiness about getting this EMF blocker. I couldn't think it would be so helpful for me, but this works and works incredibly well! My constant headaches don't weigh on me now and I can work easily and productively. That's my best investment and I'm completely satisfied!