Dr. Life "Eye"

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Protective device "Eye" - for constant wearing with you.
In contrast to the protection devices "Dr. Life card", "chip plate" and "Energie", which create a field around them, the "Eye" device sends energy as a beam (like a beam from a flashlight). At "Eye", the beam expands, so its action is directed not pointwise, but in a certain area that falls into the zone up to 45 degrees from the perpendicular. This allows you to act in a fairly wide area. For example, if you apply Dr. Life "Eye" with a "big eye" to yourself to influence organs, it is very difficult to hit the desired point with a point beam if you do not have medical education. The "Eye" does not have this drawback, since the expansion of the beam allows you to act on vast areas, for example, on several organs at once. "Eye's" water structuring functions are no worse than those of "Aqua".
The beam length is 3 meters.
"Eye" erases all negative information directed at a person (when worn with a "big eye" away from you) and significantly reduces pain (when worn with a "big eye" to a sore spot).
The size of the protective device "Eye" 6 x 6 cm.
Not recommended for people using a pacemaker.
Do not hold the device together with magnetic travel and bank cards to avoid demagnetization.

Warranty service life of devices - up to 5 years from the beginning of operation.
The term of operation is not limited
Do not open the device, allow moisture to enter.