Mandala "Flower of Life"

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Card "Mandala" Flower of Life" has a principle of action similar to traditional protective products Shubina V.E. The difference is that the Mandala "Flower of Life" not only creates a protective field but also gives this field a certain structure. This structure was developed by Shubin through experiments using schemes of famous mandalas. As a result, it was found that the effects described by users of traditional mandalas were added to the action to protect against electromagnetic radiation: removing mental stress, increasing concentration, improving mood, and improving performance. People practicing meditation noted an effect similar to the use of other practices - ease in “controlling” their consciousness.
The mandala is the sacred geometry that we find in God's creation, everywhere, in the structure of galaxies, and even in the smallest atoms.
The word "mandala" in Sanskrit means "magic circle."
The flower of life is a symbol that has been found for millennia, as well as in all religions.
The Flower of Life contains all aspects of life: all mathematical formulas and relationships, laws of physics, musical harmonies, biological life forms, and principles of creation. The Flower of Life is a scheme of Creation, a geometric plan. This is a drawing of creation and it creates an absolutely harmonious field. It is built as everything in the universe is built. The Flower of Life is a symbol of infinity and all passing energy in its original form. It symbolizes the absolute order. Each cell is aware of this and therefore tries to focus on its origin. On the basis of its exact symbolism, the Flower of Life corresponds to the golden ratio, with the help of which a strong field of vibrations is formed.
The symbol and "key" that reveals hidden knowledge is the image of the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life is the oldest and most important of all the symbols of Sacred Geometry. This symbol, which gave the name to the entire direction, is a network of nineteen intersecting spheres.
Each circle in this Flower is a Flower of Life. Even the outer two circles in this Flower are far from random. They have a very simple meaning: the whole diversity of Life is generated by two neutral particles with internal triality, which have the shape of a sphere. One of these spheres reflects the mass of the Universe, and the other - its energy shell.
In addition, scientific research with Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown the effectiveness of Mandal in purifying and structuring water. Mandalas have the same effect on the human body because it is 78% water. When drawing Mandal, both hemispheres of the brain are involved, which leads to the harmonization of creative and logical thinking. This affects not only the improvement of human intellectual abilities but also the emotional tone.
By working through the Mandalas various aspects of life or personality, a person is transformed from the inside and changes the world around him.
The first in Europe to see the relationship between geometric patterns inscribed in a circle and a powerful therapeutic effect on the patient was Carl Jung.
Our mandala "Flower of Life", made of a special alloy, therefore, repeatedly strengthens its action and the action of other mandalas that you practice and is also used as a reliable means of protection from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.
The high level of organization of water treated with the Flower of Life product brings order to the whole body. When we consume such water, we improve the activity of the body at the cellular level. This leads to an improvement in the functioning of organs and increases the level of human health and vitality.
The size of the protective device Mandala "Flower of Life" 10 x 10 cm.
1. Put a jug (jar, glass) with water on the “Flower of Life” device (exposure time from 30 min.).
2. Carry the "Flower of Life" with you; arrange on the desktop in front of the computer.
3. Meditation on the Mandala of the Flower of Life will improve the quality of life and reveal the inner potential.
The range is 3 meters.
Not recommended for individuals using a cardiac pacemaker.
Do not hold the device with magnetic travel cards and bank cards, in order to avoid their demagnetization.

The warranty period of devices - up to 5 years from the start of operation
Unlimited life.
Do not open devices or allow moisture to enter.