Doctor Life – Keep Your Family Healthy

Multipurpose electromagnetic protection devices designed to protect people from harmful EMF exposure. We provide fullest possible defend against electromagnetic wide-spectrum waves generated by mobile phones, electric transportation systems, TVs, PCs, laptops, microwave ovens & other household appliances and its implications, like fatigue, drowsiness, weakening of the immune system, hormonal imbalance.

Reliable EMF Protection

Today gadgets fully integrated into our daily lives. We are surrounded by electromagnetic radiations everywhere from our bedroom to public places. And electromagnetic radiation protection seems like the best bet! EMF exposure could be neutralized by a range of special products. Doctor Life store provides devices, developed by Valentin Shubin — an outstanding Russian scientist and inventor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, author of more than 180 patents and scientific papers in the field of human protection from Electro Magnetic Radiation. You’ll get maximum safety.

Doctor Life - "Chip"

Compact and slim shielding device for cell phones or any small appliance EMF. The device is barrier filter in the form of short-circuited turns of a certain size. They are produced from applicators of different shapes made of a special alloy of copper, silver and gold and also some technological constructive modern particularities, which are the know-how.


Doctor Life - "Card"

Multipurpose electromagnetic protection device which is a 55x85 mm size card. It is designed for people protection from harmful influence of electromagnetic wide-spectrum waves generated by electric transport, TVs, PCs, microwave ovens and other household appliances. It is used to restore natural human biofield and to secure from negative energy impact of other people (evil eye etc.).


Doctor Life - "AQUA"

Protective device for water structure restoration. Structures water and all food products containing water (hot, ready meals, drinks, vegetables, fruits). Adds to the food and water additional positive forms of energy.


Doctor Life - "ENERGY"

The largest and most powerful product of the "Shubin line", the size of A-5 (150 x 210 mm). It is an order of magnitude more effective version of a general purpose protective device.